Cow stops by nature-lovers on a bench — then noses through a rucksack

A COW stops by nature-lovers on a bench — then  noses through a rucksack.

The beast seemed to enjoy being patted before its real interest was apparent.

SWNS:South West News Service

A cow stops-by three pals at a bench in Cambridge[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

Then the beast had a nibble at their rucksack [/caption]

It spent ages sniffing at the rucksack, containing a bag of sandwiches. It even tried to get a nibble as a woman lifted the sarnies to safety.

The dark brown bovine, with a black and white face, plodded straight up to the group, and spent almost 20 minutes sniffing around their rucksack, as they patted it.

And when one of the three ladies picked up the bag and unzipped it to get her water bottle, the cow wasted no time attempting to nose inside.

Roaming cows are a regular sight at Sheep’s Green and Coe Fen Nature Reserve, Cambridge.

Elsewhere on the reserve, a white cow with black speckles was seen following closely behind two mums pushing their toddlers in prams.

And an all-black cow was spotted stretching its neck upwards to nibble some leaves on the end of a branch above its head, just as it started to rain.

SWNS:South West News Service

The cow noses in as soon as a lady unzips her bag[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

The cow sniffs at the sandwich-carrying rucksack[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

The brown bovine sticks its snout in the backpack[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

The crafty cow enjoyed pets for 20 minutes[/caption]

SWNS:South West News Service

But went for the food at the first opportunity [/caption]

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