COVID cases ‘flat or growing’ in 48 STATES as new daily coronavirus cases top 52,000 for the first time during pandemic

CORONAVIRUS cases have either remained flat or increased in a majority of states over the last week as the US recorded a grim new one-day record of infections.

The number of COVID cases spiked or stayed the same in 48 states from June 23 to June 30 and three of those states – Arizona, Georgia, and Texas – reported record-high numbers.

military man patients waiting to get COVID-19 test

The number of cases has remained flat or increased in 48 states over the last week, according to an analysis published on Thursday[/caption]

Although the huge increase in testing could account for the spike, case numbers exceeded testing growth in 36 states, meaning that the skyrocketing cases aren’t from testing alone, an Axios analysis found on Thursday.

The US reported more than 52,000 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, a new one-day record as the total number of infections continues to climb past 2.6 million, data from Johns Hopkins University shows.

At least 128,000 Americans have died from the virus as of Thursday morning.

Hospitalizations are increasing in several cities including Los Angeles, where health officials told the LA Times that the county’s hospital system could be overwhelmed if the outbreak worsens.

The worrisome spike in coronavirus cases has forced states like California, Florida, and Texas to pause their reopenings.

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States like California, Texas, and Florida have been forced to backtrack on reopening due to rising COVID-19 cases[/caption]

Los Angeles coronavirus testing site

Los Angeles health officials warn that hospitals could be overwhelmed by the cases increase[/caption]

cars waiting in line for coronavirus test

The US recorded more than 52,000 new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, a new single-day record[/caption]

California Gov Gavin Newsom ordered all bars, indoor restaurants, and movie theaters in most parts of the state to shut down immediately just three weeks after ending a three-month lockdown.

Texas continues to struggle with a rise in cases as the state broke its daily record on Wednesday by reporting 8,076 new cases – 1,000 cases more than the day before.

While the country struggles to control the US outbreak, health officials are urging Americans to celebrate the upcoming July 4 holiday at home.

Though the holiday is usually commemorated with big barbecues and massive firework displays, experts have asked the public to skip normal activities because the risk of spreading COVID-19 is too high.

Epidemiologists have said that the new infections likely started on Memorial Day weekend when Americans flocked to newly reopened bars and other venues in multiple states.

cars waiting in line for coronavirus testing

Although testing has increased around the country, 36 states have seen a higher number of cases and fewer tested[/caption]

As cases continue to rise, President Donald Trump has expressed hope that the US outbreak will “disappear very soon.”

During a Fox Business interview on Wednesday afternoon, the president also encouraged masks, noting that he thought he “looked like The Lone Ranger” when wearing a black one of his own.

“I think we’re going to be very good with the coronavirus and it will disappear very soon, I hope,” Trump said, adding that he believes a vaccine will be created “very soon.”


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