Coronavirus surge not enough to halt lap dances in Miami


Florida has seen a rise in new coronavirus infections — but lap dances in Miami strip clubs are allowed to jiggle on, reports said Tuesday.

On Monday, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez posted changes to a June 4 emergency order that allowed strip clubs and other entertainment spots to reopen as long as the county approved their coronavirus operating plans, the Miami Herald reported.

The apparent changes included language that required dancers and customers to maintain 10 feet of distance during performances, leading many to think lap dances were now banned in the Sunshine State’s hardest hit county, the outlet reported.

It turns out the ten-foot rule was part of the original order and lap dances have been allowed ever since because Miami, known to be a haven for strip clubs, does not consider the intimate, topless sessions to be a performance.

“The plans all say that performances will take place 10 feet from the tables or seats. The lap dances are not considered a performance,” Deputy Mayor Jennifer Moon told the outlet in an email.

The changes to the order do, however, include regulations on drinking at restaurants. The new rule orders restaurants to cut off the taps at midnight, regardless if they’re staying open for food service or not. Alcohol service can then resume at 6 a.m.


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