Coronation Street viewers left ‘sobbing’ as devastated Leanne is forced to lie about Oliver’s condition


CORRIE viewers were left in tears tonight as a devastated Leanne was forced to lie about Oliver’s condition and pretend everything was fine. 

On bumping into a mum she knew from an old antenatal class, Leanne made out that her son was hitting the usual milestones instead of revealing the truth about how ill he is. 

Leanne broke down after lying that Oliver was OK

Before meeting her friend Mandy, Leanne had been in a good mood as she had attended a special school for children with mitochondrial disease and was hopeful Oliver would enjoy himself there. 

Walking down the cobbles, Leanne was stopped by Mandy who said hello and asked if her name was Melissa. 

Telling her it was actually Leanne, the two mums quickly caught up on how their children were doing, with Mandy revealing she’d since had another child, too.

Laughing about how her daughter was into everything and was currently learning how to spell, Leanne looked downcast as she listened to her.

The woman left Leanne shocked

On asking how Oliver was, Leanne hesitated for a moment before replying: “Yeah fine, thanks. Into everything just like yours.”

Not seeming to notice the pained expression on Leanne’s face, the friend added insult to injury as she told her: “Nice to see you, Melissa.”

Leanne watched her go and struggled to compose herself, fighting back tears and taking a deep breath. 

Viewers of the soap were beside themselves as they watched her deal with the situation.

Leanne and Steve’s worlds crumbled back in June when Oliver was officially diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. 

The doctor had warned that the toddler might have the disease after he was rushed into hospital in April after suffering from multiple seizures, but Leanne and Steve had remained in denial about his possible illness.

Following Oliver’s official diagnosis, Leanne remained in denial and demanded a second opinion from another doctor.


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