Coronation Street fans fuming as Tim bins letter from missing mum Elaine after suspicious row with Geoff


CORONATION Street fans are left fuming as Tim throws away a letter from missing mum Elaine.

The Street Cars co-owner certainly has much to think about right now as his world threatens to be turned upside down.

Tim has a letter with his mum’s address on it

Geoff’s lies continue to pile up as Faye told Sally and Tim that she had seen her grandfather arguing with Elaine, but he told the police he hadn’t argued with anyone.

He insisted that he lied to protect his family from Elaine, who has not been seen since her row with him, claiming she is the one not telling the truth.

Sally believed that Elaine would have no reason to pretend to be Tim’s mother, especially if it meant being humiliated when testifying in court.

“That’s enough”, said Tim, who was struggling to comprehend everything and does not want to choose between his dad and his wife, who continued to argue.

Tim has yet to see through his dad’s lies

Geoff then felt the wrath of wife Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya, who barred him from entering Speed Daal.

He snarled at her: “If you want, you can find out just what kind of man I am, like she [Elaine] did.”

The restaurant co-owner stood firm and replied: “You’re small and vile, and if it’s the last thing that I do, I’m gonna make sure that you pay for everything. You might like treating women like victims, but not me.”

Tim soon turned up and took his dad out of the firing line.

Back at home he finally asked his father why Elaine would turn up and claim to be his mum, as it does not make any sense.

Geoff continued with the narrative that Sally is trying to turn his son against him, and he proceeded to show Tim a picture of him and Tess, the women Geoff says is Tim’s actual mum, when he was younger.

Tim telling his dad he was on his side was music to ears, but asked that he be more honest with him in the future.

After a visit from Sally at work, Tim found a letter on the floor which was from Elaine, but he did not look at the front of the envelope to see who it was from.

He clearly couldn’t be bothered to open it as he screwed it up and threw it in the bin, leaving fans very frustrated.


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