Congregation says ‘Amen’ when ‘pedophile pastor explains why he attacked teen relative he’d previously molested’


CHURCHGOERS said ‘Amen’ when a pedophile pastor explained how he assaulted one of his relative victims, who he was also molesting when she was a teenager.

A courtroom in Arkansas heard how Logan Wesley, a suspected pedophile pastor, abused one of his teenager victims giving her a bruised eye, “No kid is going to run my house,” he allegedly said.

Bowie County Sheriff's Office

Logan Wesley, a suspected pedophile pastor, is alleged to have abused three women[/caption]

The incident was recounted in court by one of three women who alleged they were raped by Wesley, of Texarkana, Arkansas, while they were children.

The 32-year-old victim said Wesley groomed and assaulted her after offering her mom and brothers a ride, before inviting them to join his church, the Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ.

A second female victim also gave evidence saying she was sexually abused by Wesley from the age of 13 until she became an adult.

The victim, who is now 34, said Wesley told her the molestation was “okay, because he was a man of God.”

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The Trinity Temple Church of God in Christ where Wesley is said to hold ceremonies[/caption]

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that the same 34-year-old victim explained how Wesley once crashed his car after sexually assaulting her along a dead-end road in 1999.

The third survivor, who is alleged to have received the black eye as a teen, told of how at 13-years-old she went to live with the pastor and his wife.

She said Wesley would creep into her room to sexually abuse her shortly after.

That women, who is now 38, said Wesley beat her after she spoke of his alleged abuse while arguing with him in front of his wife, Cynthia Wesley.

The 38-year-old said Wesley’s abuse continued until she was in her 20s.

She helped kick-start the police probe on Wesley after recording a phone conversation where he allegedly showed remorse and apologized for what he had done.

Wesley faces 18 felony child sex abuse charges, if convicted he could be sentenced to 99 years in prison

The trial is set to continue in a high auditorium Thursday to accommodate social distancing.


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