Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans' tea bag cleaning trick that will leave your windows smear free


Mrs Hinch fans have recently set up their on Facebook groups to share their own quick and simple cleaning tips and tricks that they have discovered. While cleaning windows can often seem tedious and hard, one Mrs Hinch fan has revealed the unusual way that she gets her windows spotless and smear free.

The mum explained that she worked hard to buff away any stains left on the windows with the cloth and this was no doubt the simplest hack she has found to clean her windows.

Another Mrs Hinch fan suggested trying the famous Minky cloth that Mrs Hinch raves about. She said that it works a treat to make sure there are no smears on your windows.

You also don’t have to add the tea bag liquid to a trigger spray, others say leaving it in a bowl and gently dipping a cloth into the mix will work the same.

Another fan suggested that using washing up liquid mixed with washing detergent works perfectly too and leaves the house smelling nice.

Posting a video to the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It group on Facebook, which has more than 175,000 members, a woman revealed that mixing a small amount of washing up liquid with a little bit of fabric softener in warm water will also leave your windows looking spotless.

The woman added that using washing up liquid like Fairy would leave smears on the windows but adding a minute amount of fabric softener leaves them sparkling.

This hack will also make sure that the washing up liquid smell has disappeared to leave a fresh fragrant smell.

The Minky cloth is a Mrs Hinch favourite and fans have said that this is the best option for cleaning windows.

It is described as an anti-bacterial cleaning pad which is dual sided for effective powerful scrubbing, making light work of all cleaning takes.

The cloth is now available in most retailers such as B&M and Sainsbury’s and costs around £2. However some fans have managed to pick up the pad for £1 when on offer.

The fan revealed that she cleaned all of her windows, inside and out within 40 minutes.

Others have also used tea bags in a bowl to clean the inside of their microwaves.

One cleaning fan compared a photo of her microwave when she used ordinary glass cleaner on the door compared to when she used her own homemade tea bag mix.

The ordinary glass cleaner left marks and smears on the side of the microwave while the teabag hack left it looking spotless.


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