Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share easy hack to clean windows and leave them streak-free


Cleaning the windows is easy to forget about but doing so can make a property look much fresher. Fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch shared an unusual hack to leave windows sparkling by using black tea.

Posting on social media, she will regularly show Britons ways to clean every part of their property.

Her posts have brought her many fans who have created pages dedicated to sharing their own cleaning tips.

How to clean windows

In a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one woman asked for tips on how to keep her windows streak-free.


She posted: “Looking for the best product for cleaning windows and mirrors. Thanks in advance.”

Her message quickly got lots of comments from homeowners sharing advice.

While some cleaning fans recommended their favourite branded products, many recommended a surprising cupboard staple.

One wrote: “Cold black tea amazing on windows glass and mirrors.

Some homeowners suggested that vinegar and water had helped them leave windows streak-free.

One wrote: “Vinegar hot water then newspaper to wipe off it sparkling clean.”

Another said: “White Vinegar water and minky cloth.”


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