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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ lets slip BIG plans for the future ‘We've said too much!'

Chris Evans, 54, spilt (some of) the beans on his plans for his Virgin Radio show going froward. On Friday, the DJ revealed he would be attending a planning meeting on Monday this week to discuss branching out and putting their efforts into other areas that will appeal to fans.

It’s not news to many that Chris is one of the most successful radio presenters in the UK, with a staggering net worth of an estimated £50 million since his career began in 1983 at a local radio station.

Since then, he’s been the face of Top Gear, BBC Radio 2 and Virgin Radio twice, and has plans for even bigger things with his current station.

Last week, he apparently said “too much” about what’s in store for his Virgin Radio fans as he discussed the future of the show with his co-stars Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne.

“I’m going for some future planning on Monday to do with the show,” he told them, and sure enough he was off at the beginning of the week, leaving Vassos and Rachel to host the show alone.

“Where might the show going to go next year, where might we go beyond the show, from the show as another narrative arc, born here going to somewhere else,” Chris pondered.

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Without giving too much away, he started describing a “physical world”, born of the things fans love about the digital radio show.

Almost nodding at creating some sort of theme park, he said he and one of the Virgin Radio bosses were “checking it out”… leaving fans wanting to know more.

Tickling listeners taste buds a little more, he asked Rachel and Vassos what they thought.

“What do you think of what you’ve seen?” he wondered.

Rachel was extremely excited about their ideas: “Oh, very fizzy in my tummy!” she stated, as Chris noted she said she was “in” with whatever they have in the works.

And he has his heart set on doing it in the future.

Speaking to Vassos, Chris debated where he could see himself and his family living in a few years time.

He considered southern California, where he could set up a retreat-like space for people to go and relax.

“I think I probably will end up somewhere on the south-east, south-west or on the south coast running some sort of mindful place,” he explained.

“I want to manage a space as a business or not as a business, I don’t really mind as long as we can keep out heads above water as a family.”


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