Chess champ’s YouTube podcast taken down for referring to ‘black against white’

A CHESS champ’s Youtube podcast was taken down because it referred to “black against white”.

The series was removed because it contained “harmful and dangerous” content.


Antonio Rodic’s podcast series was removed from YouTube for referring to ‘black against white’[/caption]

Croatian ace Antonio Radic’s ‘Agadmator’s Chess Channel’ has over 700,000 subscribers – attracting 275million hits on YouTube – with fans loving his analysis of games.

He was assessing a match played by Hikaru Nakamura, a Japanese-born American chess grandmaster.

Antonio, who takes on top players from around the world, believes his latest podcast was removed by an algorithm which picked out key words.

He said: “I have uploaded 1,800 videos over three years and there wasn’t a single guideline violation.

“It could refer to the current world situation.

“There’s talk of racism, and the YouTube algorithm could have heard ‘black goes to B6 instead of C6, white will always be better’.

“Maybe with the current situation in the world, if you hear something like ‘white will always be better’, it might flag this video as inappropriate, harmful or dangerous and take it down.

“If that’s the case, I’m sure all my 1,800 videos will be taken down as it’s black against white to the death in every video.

“This is a chess podcast, it’s such as shame. I don’t even swear in my videos. There is no profanity, there is no inappropriate content of any kind.

“If such a podcast can be taken down, it’s hard to find the motivation to do that.”

He appealed the decision and the video was reinstated.


The Croatian player believes his podcast was automatically taken down because of YouTube’s algorithm[/caption]


Antonio says ‘this is a chess podcast, it’s such as shame – I don’t even swear in my videos’[/caption]

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