Brexit fury: How Iain Dale brutally shut down Remainer for ‘talking utter rubbish’


One caller to Iain Dale’s show rang in to argue that the Leave campaign were not trying to deliver Brexit for the 17.4 million people who voted for it, but for rich bankers. But this claim angered the LBC host, as Iain replied: “I’m so sick of listening to this utter rubbish. “Listen, I probably know more about Brexiteers’ motivations than you do. I probably know more of these people that you’re talking about than you do. “I don’t know a single one of them who would have advocated Brexit or believed in Brexit because they wanted to please their rich paymasters or whatever you like to call them.

“You’re talking utter rubbish.”

Caller Peter claimed that if not all Brexiters, certainly some were guilty of appeasing the elites rather than the public.

But Iain defiantly rejected the claims as the argument – which took place last October – became tense.

He said: “Who? Who? Go on, name names!”

When the caller refused to answer, Iain told him: “It’s because you don’t have any names. You’re trying to slander people for no valid reason at all.”

When Peter said Brexiters just wanted to kick foreigners out of the UK, Iain told him: “Do you know what, Peter? I’m fed up of talking to you when you talk utter absolute rubbish like that.”

Iain then cut off the caller having become furious with the anti-Brexit claims.

While Iain Dale is a prominent Brexiteer, he has also got into huge rows over other issues.

After a Foreign Office report in 2018, which said Britain must be prepared to strike deals with “unsavoury” regional elites, a caller named Nigel incorrectly claimed that Iain had suggested the Government should always speak to terrorist organisations.

Then, as the host tried to put the caller right, a heated row erupted.

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“I would not talk to them, I would not do anything with them.”

Noticing the LBC host’s anger, Nigel said: “You’ve lost your temper.”

Iain hit back: “Yes I have lost my temper with you because you’re a blithering idiot that’s why.”

Hamas is a Palestinian, Islamic fundamentalist militant organisation, and deemed a terrorist organisation by the UK.

The group has long been in conflict with Israel amid its military action in the Gaza strip.


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