Black man who rips down BLM signs is assaulted by a white man who yells at him to ‘go home, bro’


A BLACK man who ripped down Black Lives Matter signs was assaulted by a white man who yelled at him to “go home, bro”

The footage, which was posted on Twitter, showed a local resident tearing down the protest signs.


The Black man was tackled while he took the posters down[/caption]


The white man appeared to assault the local resident[/caption]

When asked why he was taking down the posters, the man replied: “I live right there and I’m sick of f***ing seeing it.”

Just seconds later, a white man ran and tried to tackle him to the ground.

The attacker then started squaring up to the man shouting “get the f**k out of here bro,” repeatedly in his face.

He then calls for the man to “go home” while ripping the sunglasses from his face and telling him “this is my park, bro.”

As the local resident begins to walk away, the attacker follows him and throws his hat off before appearing to take a fighting stance.

The Black man then approaches a car, reiterating that he lives across the street, as the other man shouts “worry about you and your family, stay the f**k out of it,” before threatening him.

It is unclear where the video was taken and when the encounter took place.


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