Beautician saves gran’s life after spotting signs of lung cancer in her nails


A BEAUTICIAN saved a gran’s life after spotting cancer signs in her nails.

Linda Bartram told Joan Martindale, 73, to seek medical advice after noticing her nails were “bent right over”.

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A beautician told gran Joan Martindale to seek medical advice after noticing her nails were ‘bent right over’[/caption]

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Joan was treated for lung cancer and believes she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her beauty appointment[/caption]

Doctors confirmed it was a sign of a tumour and Joan was treated for lung cancer.

The retired craft shop assistant, of Tutbury, Staffs, said: “Going for a manicure saved my life.

“It was incredible she could pick it up from just looking at my nails.

“I’ve told her I shall be eternally grateful to her, when we’ve got rid of this Covid we’re going for a big slap-up meal.”

Joan had noticed her nails were clubbing around Christmas but despite Googling the symptoms doctors dismissed it as water retention.

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Beautician Linda Bartram says she was taught that nails tell you so much[/caption]

Linda, 59, said: “When I saw Joan’s nails and remember saying ‘I don’t want to alarm you Joan, but you need to get the doctor to look at your nails’.

“Then the ball rolled very fast, and thank goodness it did.

“I did anatomy and physiology nearly 20 years ago and was taught nails tell you so much.”

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Joan says she will be ‘eternally grateful’ to Linda[/caption]



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