BBC’s MOTD studio looks nothing like it does on TV as fans wish they could unsee green screen background

MATCH OF THE DAY fans have been left stunned after seeing the state of the art studio in its natural form.

A series of images of the studio’s normal green screen background have gone viral online.

This how the MOTD studio appears to those watching on TV
Fans were shocked to see how the studio really looks with no fancy screens and instead just the green screen

And they show just how different the BBC1 show looks on TV once the special effects have been added.

One photo showed host Gary Lineker chatting to Danny Murphy and Ian Wright.

Behind them shows the scoreline for Leicester’s 2-1 win over Sheffield United, with images of managers Brendan Rodgers and Chris Wilder either side.

The impression given to those watching on TV is that huge wraparound screens lie behind the presenters.

But the truth is very different – as another photo with Dan Walker, Mark Lawrenson and Dion Dublin showed.

Much like weather presenters, all that stands behind them is a green screen.

Producers drop whatever image or images they want onto the screen.

Upon seeing the difference between reality and TV magic, one commented: “I’ve been fully finessed.”

The same person later added: “I’ve never felt so heartbroken.”

Another moaned: “Please don’t tell me this is true.”

A fellow fan posted: “Even the floor’s a lie.”

One tweeted: “Everyone believed that was the studio but it’s a lie.”

But a fellow user who was at least a bit more aware of camera trickery used regularly in TV and films replied: “Come on man it’s obvious how do you think they did it?”

The MOTD studio is actually a brand new virtual reality one made for this season.

Match of the Day 2, Football Focus and Final Score are all filmed in the VR studio based at dock10 in Media City UK.

MOTD is in its 55th year and brings in around seven million viewers every week.


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