Audi drops ‘disgusting sexually suggestive’ advert featuring little girl eating a banana leaning on car


GERMAN carmakers Audi have dropped an advert featuring a little girl leaning on a car while eating a banana after it was slammed by critics.

The brand also apologised after a tidal wave of criticism branded the advert sexually-suggestive, provocative and even life threatening.


Audi’s newly released ad has been met with criticism [/caption]

The advertisement sees a young girl leaning on the front of the high performance car while wearing sunglasses and chomping on a banana.

Some pointed out that the driver would not be able to see the child in that pose, hidden by the car’s grille.

But much of the criticism revolved around the imagery, with bananas and sport cars seen as symbols of male lust.

The controversial picture is accompanied by the slogan: “Lets your heart beat faster – in every aspect”, which critics said could be interpreted as sexually suggestive.

Audi took to twitter to say sorry for the ad and tell the public they have seen the last of it.

They tweeted: “We hear you and let’s get this straight: We care for children.

“We sincerely apologize for this insensitive image and ensure that it will not be used in future.”

They have also added that it is now investigating how the ad came to be published.

The manufacturers have been peppered on social media with people lambasting the ad.

They included the BBC’s Jeremy Vine who tweeted: “This is the most revolting car advert I have ever seen. It actually radiates danger.”


Audi apologised after a social media reaction against their ad[/caption]

Twitter users were offended by the pic, with one even calling for the photographer to be arrested
Other users said there was nothing wrong with the photo
This twitter user was baffled by the social media reaction

A woman called Jane Bransby tweeted below: “All these replies not seeing any problem with a young girl eating a banana and leaning provocatively against a car with the strap line ‘lets your heart beat faster – IN EVERY ASPECT’!!!!! Really? All of you (men) have absolutely NO problem with this?”

Another called for the photographer to be “arrested” because the ad is the “ultimate eroticism”.

However, many other social media users have come out in support of the ad.

One person wrote: “sexually suggestive?? People that look at that pic and find it sexually suggestive need therapy. The world has gone mad.”

Another person tweeted: “Think it’s says more about the person who sees something more then a little girl eating a banana.”

The controversy follows the German car giant Volkswagen, owner of Audi, also finding themselves in the middle of a social media row after releasing a video on Instagram in May.

Critics claimed their advert – featuring a dark-skinned man being moved around by a pair of white women’s hands before being flicked away from a yellow VW Golf – was distasteful and had racial connotations.

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