Andrew Neil slams Boris Johnson over back to work plea – 'They need to go back first!'


The BBC host told ITV’s This Morning that the Government needs to start getting its own people back to work before calling on other to bring their workforce back to the office. Andrew Neil also warned Boris Johnson that in order for the economy to get moving again more people need to be working in an office as soon as possible. 

ITV host Ruth Langsford asked: “Is Britain becoming work shy?”

Mr Neil replied: “I don’t think it is a case of work-shy, I think some people have rather taken to lockdown.

“There is no great rush to go back to work.

“I think also there has been so many conflicting messages coming from Government.

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“Lockdown is coming to an end, then no it isn’t, we need to get the economy right, then we need to deal with a new wave of COVID, people are not quite sure where they stand.

“I think it is also very difficult for the Government to take much of a high line on this when the people who work for the Government are themselves not going back to work.

“I think only about 25 percent of those who work for the Government have actually gone back to work.”

He continued: “So, before the Government can lecture us it needs to start getting its own people back to work.

Earlier today former Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice called on the Government to lead by example in bringing staff back to the office.

He told LBC: “The Government has to lead by example.

“Hundreds of thousands of civil servants need to come back to the office.

“And bluntly, if not, then let them go. There are plenty of other people who can do the job.”


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