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Adil Ray leaves Good Morning Britain in chaos over 'stifled' cough 'They'll send me home'

Adil, 46, was back on hand to host Good Morning Britain alongside political reporter Ranvir Singh, 42, and it wasn’t long before they discussed the latest news about coronavirus. With a “persistent cough” being one of the symptoms of COVID-19, it’s fair to say everyone in the studio was slightly on edge about the actor’s health. The Ackley Bridge star confirmed he didn’t have the virus, but it didn’t stop him and his ITV co-host making light of the situation, with the Piers Morgan, 55, replacement joking he was “going to be sent home”.

Following an advertisement break, ITV viewers rejoined the pair and as soon as the camera turned on him, Adil coughed into his hand.

Derailing Ranvir from sharing with viewers what was coming up on the show, the concerned GMB host instead asked: “Are you alright? The thing is you’ve been stifling a cough since we’ve been on air.”

The actor explained: “I mean, everyone in the country must be going through this at the moment. I want to cough and I think if I coughed, the editor will come down and send me home.

“‘He’s got the virus – he can’t present!’” he added, to which his co-star said: “Are you saying our editor will have a knee-jerk reaction?”

Speaking about another incident, the Channel 4 drama star recalled: “I was in the supermarket queue – people must have done this – and you just get a little tickle throat and you cough to just clear out that little bit of something.”

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“I thought, ‘I’m not going to cough, I’ll probably scare everyone’,” the host went on to say before declaring: “No one’s coughing anymore.

“Can we go back to coughing,” he exclaimed before Ranvir added: “The funniest thing I read right at the beginning of this was when somebody said, ‘You used to cough when you’re passing wind and now you pass wind to hide your cough.’

“It’s like the opposite way around. The socially unacceptable bit is the other way around now,” she joked.

Adil then explained: “I’ve started running this year and if I’m running, you can see people running thinking, ‘Stay away from me’.”

Speaking with his colleagues, the presenter asks the pair: “Hold on, you two look the same! What happened?”

Laura told him: “I didn’t pick my dress!” and following a forecast report, Ranvir spoke out on taking a break from the show next week.

The host joked: “Brilliant, I’m off next week Laura, and you predicted thunderstorms for my one week off in the summer. Thanks a lot!”

“I am so excited for the thunderstorms!” the meteorologist replied to her co-star as the UK looks set to descend into a heatwave.

“You’re a weather freak though aren’t you? Sorry, a weather expert!” Ranvir joked with the weather presenter.

The host and her co-star Adil sat in place of Ben Shephard, 45, and Kate Garraway, 53.

This has been the routine since the start of the summer, but actor Adil will be appearing a bit more from next week.

As Tipping Point host Ben takes a break to film new episode of the ITV quiz show, the Channel 4 drama star and Sean Fletcher, 46, will be sharing the role.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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